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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

New Starter House - UPDATE

This one's for couples. It's a two story house, it's the only way there would have been room for a bedroom and a bathroom, doing that also bumped up the price past 16,000 so this one's only buyable by couples.
This house isn't completely decked out with furniture, it just has the basics, I had to keep it under 20,000. It's a starter, so earn money and decorate it however you like.
eta - As my boyfriend pointed out, in the living room where the bookcase is, you could move it over slightly, add a door and have stairs leading down to a  basement if you wanted more room in this house. I thought that's a good idea anyway, something I'll most likely do when I move a sim into this house.


Furnished: $18,379
Unfurnished: $14,563

Some people may have been having problems installing this house. I've uploaded a new version which has been decrapified and s3rc'd and it now works.

Decrapified file 

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